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  • Why I Hate Bluehost #1: Pointing A Domain To A Site Hosted Elsewhere

    I had a simple task… or so it seemed.  I had purchased a domain at Bluehost, and I needed it to point to a site hosted at  In concept, simple, right?  And people do this every day, all the time, right?  Well, not so simple.  How To Point A Domain To Another Location Let […]

  • Why GoDaddy Sucks

    Why GoDaddy Sucks

    GoDaddy Will Wipe Your Site If You Miss A Payment Ok, let me start with this: I’m a GoDaddy customer.  Have been for years.  And I signed up for another 10 years about a year ago.  Why?  Because it was cheap.  And, in the beginning, it seemed fine.  Customer service was fine, although the constant […]