Directing: Clocks PSA Executive Producers: LA-18. Written by: LA-18 , Ming Lo.
Buy Ambien Prescription Online Cinematography and Graphics by: Ming Lo

The Project. LA-18 was very interested in supporting the voting effort, both for the 2006 California primaries and for the general election in November. The concept was similar to another commercial that LA-18’s CEO had done while working at another station.

The Creative Challenge. This was basically an After Effects exercise. Shooting the clock wasn’t particularly difficult, but of course, I was going to be ambitious and paint my wall and all that so that the background could be even. Then Joe Setele, a DP that work with often, said, “Why don’t you just buy some white paper from an art supply store?” Yep, duh. In fact, double, triple duh. So that’s what I did. As for the After Effects, I often rant and occasionally rave about the program. All I can say is that After Effects always takes much, much longer than you want. Let’s not go further.






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