Corporate Videos

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Loading Videos… I’ve been fortunate to work with a variety of well known and well-respected corporate clients. Some of that work appears in other categories, and those here were primarily for public web and corporate internal use. Projects have included the following: Tramadol Purchase Canada Bain and Company Bain and Company is one of the largest and most respected consulting firms in America, serving Fortune 500 and major corporations around the world. I have been shooting internal videos for them since 2004. Unfortunately, the videos are not publicly available. SDI Media (now known as Iyuno SDI) Tramadol Order Online Cod SDI Media is an international dubbing and subtitling company. For several years I videotaped messages from the CEO to the corporation (these are not publicly available). In 2021, I was asked to write, shoot and edit a marketing video for their iDub Remote Recording Studio Solution. The video is currently on Youtube and their company website. Earlier in 2022, SDI was acquired and is now known as Iyuno-SDI. Green Dot Corporation Green Dot is the world’s largest prepaid debit card company by capitalization. For several years, I shot marketing videos and photos for their marketing campaigns. Some of these videos are available, and upload is pending.

Corporate Year in Review Videos Sometimes corporations need videos that provide an overview of their activities and achievements for the year. Some of my clients for such work include the Asian American Pacific Legal Center (APALC) and Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA).

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