Directions to the Photo Studio Studio Address:

822 Wall St., #200 (2nd floor)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

– between 8th and 9th
– between Main and San Pedro Google Maps Link:


From the Westside:

– Take the 10 East past the 110 and past downtown.  A few exits after the 110, you will see the San Pedro on the right side
– Exit San Pedro and go down the ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp turn left and the road will wind in a U.  You’ll end up on 16th, a one way going the opposite direction (West).
– Get into the right lane, the first intersection will be San Pedro.
– Make a right onto San Pedro.
– At 9th, turn left and proceed on 9th until you get to Wall.
– Make a right on to Wall and immediately on the left you will see signs for Prestige Parking.  It’s upstairs, rooftop.  Parking is $3-7 depending on the day and the time of the day.  There’s usually a man waving a flag.
– Alternative Parking.  One block before Wall, you will see San Julian.  You can make a right and you will see a sign for rooftop parking on the right.  Usually this lot is $1-2 less than the one on Wall. From the Valley or from the East:

– take the 101 to downtown, exit Alameda South
– take Alameda to 9th, make a right
– once on 9th go until Wall
– make a right onto Wall, and follow the directions for parking above.

My cell is 310 429-6464 and my email is  Call if there are any questions, and when you get there call me and I will be happy to help with bags or stuff if you have lots of stuff. Other Notes:

  • The studio can be cold if it’s cold outside, so bring jacket or something to keep you warm.   Likewise, if it’s hot out, it can be warm in the studio.
  • Also feel free to bring snacks, munchies and such if you’d like.
  • If you have music that you like on a cd, feel free to bring it.
  • For testing, please bring a license or passport, i will take a photo and will ask you to sign a release.


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