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  • Meet Lauren Banks

    Meet Lauren Banks

    Actress, Writer and Jewelry Designer I met Lauren Banks several years ago through my talented friend Rachel Bruno. Lauren is an actress, writer and jewelry designer, and she needed some headshots at the time. Since then, we’ve done several shoots together, and I’ve gotten to know her a bit. Like many of us in Los […]

  • Trading the “Dull” Market Before Earnings – January 12, 2023

    When talking about investing, it’s always good to start with some context. The market has been falling since mid-December, and Christmas and New Year rallies failed to materialize. In fact, the market was relatively flat the last week of December and the beginning of January. It seemed as if the market was waiting for a […]

  • Investing Update and Market Outlook – January 8, 2023

    Investing Update and Market Outlook – January 8, 2023

    As always, a market outlook are tricky, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. But first, let’s do an investing update as of Sunday, January 8, 2023. The year-end Rally that was… As I’ve noted in previous posts, many called for year-end rallies. Specifically, many expected the following: I’ve said this before, when I first […]