Directing: Socal Gas PSA

Ambien Prescriptions Online Executive Producers: SoCal Gas, LA-18
Producers: LA-18, Ming Lo
Written by: LA-18 Directed and Edited by: Ming Lo Cast: Chinese Host, April Kuan; Korean Host, Yunjung Chang Crew: Director of Photography, Joseph Setele; Grip, Eddie Magana
Graphics: Diego Taracena The Project. LA-18 often does PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) for the community. This one was for SoCal Gas and announced an increase in the income levels needed to qualify for rebates. The Creative Challenge. We shot two versions, the Chinese and Korean versions, in a half day at LA-18’s studios. I like shooting in the studio, and including all the various background objects in the shoot. We shot two angles simultaneously, something I’ve often done in the past. In this case, though, we didn’t end up using the second angle. The slow push-in that you see was actually done in post (editing). Joe Setele, the DP, did a great job lighting, and added pro-mist filter to soften the look. For sound, we used a boom mike, but since we were in LA-18’s studios, their sound guys also put microphones on the two hosts, and that’s the track we ended up using. By the way, April Kuan is the host of the Chinese version. For many years she was a news anchor at LA-18, and now heads the news department. She has quite a following in the Chinese community. I met the Korean host, Yunjung Chang, a few years back at an audition, I believe.


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