Directing: Organization of Chinese Americans 2006 Executive Producers: OCA-GLA, LA-18
Written by: Clara Chiu
Editing and Graphics by: Ming Lo
Producers: Mia Chan, Ming Lo.

Ambien Sale Online Buying Generic Ambien Online The Project. OCA is the Organization of Chinese Americans, specifically, in this case, the Greater Los Angeles Chapter ( I’ve edited their annual dinner video once before, in 2004, and it was great to do the same in 2006. Ambien Cheapest The Creative Challenge. There was no shooting involved, just straight editing and after effects. It can be fun to do this kind of work because it’s a chance to do some things in post that you don’t usually do for moving picture projects. OCA wanted a scrapbook theme to commemorate 15 years of work in Los Angeles, so I created the parchment like paper overlaying the OCA logo in photoshop. Otherwise, I just used every transition I could find in photoshop, and when I ran out there, I went into after effects and used as many transitions as I could. I try to make a piece like this interesting by keeping it moving – animating the pictures, and using a wide variety of transitions and looks.


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