Directing: JYP Entertainment Executive Producers: JYP, LA-18. Cinematography and Editing by: Ming Lo
Sound: Alex Salmona

The Project. JY Park is a renowned Korean singer and producer. His company also manages many up-and-coming performers, including Korean star Rain (see They were seeking new talent, so in conjunction with LA-18, they held auditions for singers, models and dancers.

The Creative Challenge. My job was to produce, direct and tape the auditions, edit the top 10, and then send the clips to AOL Chinese. They conducted the online voting for the top three finalists. The top ten finalists also performed live at LA-18’s August Moon Festival in Santa Anita in August, 2006. All in all, we saw about 160 auditionees that day. I’m including here just a few of the finalists. Posted above, performing a piece from Chicago, is Mandarin Wu, singer and dancer. You can find out more about her work at In addition to Mandy’s audition, there’s a couple other auditions as well. Behind the Scenes. From a production point of view, this project was very different from others, since it’s mostly about taping the live event. I DP’ed the event myself, and to be honest, I was surprised by how many lights, and how much power it took to light the scene. I came armed with a full Arri Kit and a set of Kinoflo Divas. It turned out the facility, at the Santa Anita Race Track, had a couple of Arri’s in a backroom. I used those too, of course. All in all, I used about six lights: 2x 1000w plus a 650w for key and fill; a 1000w and a 650w hairlight, and a 350w background light. The rest was just manning the camera for about 10 hours. – Sound. As usual, I went to my go-to guy, Alex Salmona for sound, and Alex did a great job. He manned the sound board, the cd player and managed the speaker and the 2-3 live microphones.






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