Fashion - Special Agency Testing Rate - $250 Per Session, 3 Looks
- for agency signed models
- usually 1-2 hours
- in studio or location
- client will receive copies of all photos taken for personal / non-commercial use
- 10-15 moderately edited photos, selected by client or photographer (does not include high-end beauty retouch)
- can include digitals as 1 of 3 looks
- make up not included - generally, agencies prefer simple, natural make-up, as if there were no makeup, for model portfolios
- some wardrobe included, which can be combined with the model's clothes
Agency Digitals - $90
- about 60 minutes
- usually 2 looks
- natural light, in-studio
-10-15 lightly retouched photos if agency prefers (some prefer no retouching at all)
Additional Info
- a non-refundable 25% deposit is required for all bookings.  If cancelled 48 hours in advance, the deposit will be applied to a rescheduled shoot
- additional looks - $75 per look
- additional edits - $15 per photo
- make up available, usually $100 - $150 per session depending on the make-up artist
- all clients receive copies of all photos for personal / non-commercial use
- photographer retains copyright for all photos taken
Thank you!
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