Music Videos and Montages

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Love Supreme Spec Music Video (2004)
Directed by Ming Lo and X Dean Lim

This was one of our first projects, ever. We had such an abundance of talent, behind and in front of camera, as well as friends lending us time and locations. Set to Love Supreme by Robbie Williams, it remains, to this day, one of my favorites.

That’s How I Feel Tonight – Tey (2007)
Written and performed by Tey Punsalan
Directed by Ming Lo

Since I had been doing mostly commercials for LA-18 (the now defunct International Channel), I decided it was time to do another music video. I teamed up with singer and songwriter Tey Punsalan for this music video of her song. This video is also available on her Tey’s channel. Special thanks to Grace Kung for letting us take over her house for a weekend!

the montages

In recent years, as social media has evolved toward shorter and less formal media, I’ve been shooting and editing montages at events, such as photo meetups and photoshoots. Usually more ad hoc and less planned, I’m usually editing in my head as I shoot and direct actors or models. Still they can be fun and are a good opportunity to try things. You’ll see these labeled as “recaps” or “bts” on my page and youtube channel.